National School Breakfast Week
National School Breakfast Week
Chrissy Michaud
Monday, March 05, 2018

Today marks the start of National School Breakfast Week in all RSU 2 Elementary Schools. Our Theme this year is " A Healthy Breakfast is important,  so Eat Breakfast, Get up, Get out and Move"

Our Breakfast Specials for the week at the elementary Schools are:

Monday: Oatmeal Bar (the kids can choose their own mix-ins for the oatmeal)

Tuesday: Breakfast Bacon Wake Up Wrap

Wednesday: Whole Grain Blueberry Bread

Thursday: Yogurt Bar (Children can choose their own mix-ins for the yogurt)

Friday: Homemade Breakfast Quesadilla's

Stop in to your child's cafeteria and check out the posters they made to show us why Breakfast is important!