Substitute in Monmouth Schools
Sue Corbett
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

RSU 2 is seeking a substitute to work in our Monmouth Schools.  

Possession of a four-year degree will be paid $85.00 per day (½ for ERDs). Less than a four-year degree will be paid at the rate of $75.00 per day (½ for ERDs). This substitute will be available all student attendance days, in accordance with the RSU 2 school calendar (not cancelled days) and will be paid the above appropriate rate. This substitute is guaranteed employment for every student day on the school calendar.  

Current RSU 2 approved substitutes interested in this position must submit a letter of interest, for this specific position, to the RSU 2 Central Office.  

All other applicants must submit: RSU 2 substitute application (available on the RSU website in the Employment section), letter of interest for this specific position, letters of recommendation, college transcripts, and valid Maine Criminal History and Background Check Approval certificate.  

Submit letter of interest / application packet to:  

William Zima

RSU 2 Superintendent of Schools

7 Reed St

Hallowell, ME 04347


Tel. (207) 622-6351

Office email: