To ensure that the RSU is preparing our children for life after high school, the RSU 2 Futures Committee has initiated a campaign to establish corporate partnerships as well as other new revenue streams to aid in the continued development of our children’s education. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence across the RSU and strengthening all of our programs and partnerships so our children can fulfill their potential. Building the Future is the most ambitious fundraising campaign organized by the RSU. In many ways, these efforts conducted by the RSU 2 learning community are an investment in the RSU 2 student experience, enabling the RSU to maintain academic programs, establish new partnerships that will benefit our children and the learning experience, provide the technology necessary for 21st century learning, and continue the growth towards world-class learning opportunities.

This support will play a vital role in propelling RSU 2 into the front ranks of learning communities. Now, more than ever, philanthropic funding and mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities are essential to sustaining this important legacy.  In the near future, this page will contain myriad avenues for supporting the children of RSU 2. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Superintendent Virgel Hammonds.

Thank you for considering all opportunities to build the future.

What is the Futures Committee?

The Futures Committee was formed by the RSU 2 School Board last year. Its primary function is to seek out alternative revenue streams for RSU 2.

Why are alternative revenue streams required?

State funding for education has decreased dramatically in recent years. This typically leads to two options – Cut programs or Raise taxes. The School Board formed the Futures Committee in order to avoid those options. Alternate revenue streams mean we can keep (or even add) programs while keeping the impact to property taxes as low as possible.

Who can participate in the Futures Committee?

The Futures Committee is comprised of members of the School Board and citizens from all RSU 2 towns. The more creative minds participate, the more great ideas can be produced!

When does the Futures Committee meet?

The Futures Committee typically meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM.

Where does the Futures Committee meet?

The Futures Committee meeting will take place at the same location as the School Board meeting for that month. (Check the RSU 2 website for School Board meeting locations.)

How do I sign up to participate?

No sign-up required! Simply come to the meeting, bring a friend and share your ideas. Smaller groups will be formed to bring the committee’s ideas to life.

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