Hall-Dale Middle School and High School is composed of grades 6-12  in Farmingdale, Maine. We hope you find all the information you need on our web site. Contact us if you have any unanswered search. Farmingdale is part of the Kennebec Intra-District Schools (KIDS) Regional School Unit (RSU) 2, which joins the towns of Dresden, Farmingdale, Hallowell, Monmouth, and Richmond.

The vision of RSU2 is to be a system of student-centered learning.

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Summer STEM Opportunity!

(Note that RSU2 is not affiliated with this program or organization.  Posting it here in case we have students that may be interested in this opportunity) Apply now to the Wolfram Summer Programs for Science, Technology & Innovation! The Wolfram Summer School is a unique educational and career opportunity to learn and do projects at the […]

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