RSU 2 Board voted 7-9-21 at an Emergency Meeting to reduce the amount of taxes to be collected from local taxpayers toward the school district budget.

Based on the passing of Governor Mills' State of Maine budget, additional revenue over what was expected (since the previous ED279 report received in February) will be paid from State funds to RSU 2 according to the new ED279 Report we received on 7-7-21 from the Maine Dept of Ed.  

The RSU 2 Board voted to pass the entire amount on to taxpayers.  The adjustments to the allocation to each municipality follows the exact amount of the adjustments to required local foundation contributions as calculated by the DOE.  The DOE bases the percentage each municipality must contribute upon real estate valuations over a two year average.

Our budget has not changed from the budget passed by the RSU 2 Board and RSU 2 taxpayers, but the amount to be collected through local municipality taxation has decreased by $849, 376.00.  The decreases to the amounts that will be collected by municipality are as follows:

Thank you once again for your support of our schools, especially through these challenging times.