RSU #2 – Dresden Elementary School

2019 – 2020 Bus Runs

Cyr Bus Co.: Jon Lambert 620-8555

These are tentative times and students are encouraged to be at the bus stop 5-10 minutes earlier.

All buses arrive at Dresden Elementary School at approximately 7:15 a.m.

All buses depart Dresden Elementary School at 7:20 a.m.

All buses arrive at Hall-Dale MS/HS at 7:40 a.m.

Bus #22

6:29 514 Blinn Hill Road to Bog Rd to Dodge Lane

6:40 Back to Blinn Hill Rd to East Pittston Rd

6:48 Back to Blinn Hill Rd to Gardiner Rd to Wiscasset town line

6:57 Turn onto Carriage Ct across from #174 to Rt. 27, Gardiner Rd

7:04 End of Russell Lane

7:08 #487 or Dresden Market

7:10 Weymouth Drive (R)

7:12 Arrive at Dresden ES

Bus #23

6:35 Indian Road to Middle Road

6:40 426 to 566 Middle Road including Morton Road

6:45 722 to 897 Middle Road including Dave’s Way and James Eddy Road

6:45 181 to 353 Indian Road including Kohler and Gilmore Brook Roads

6:54 1115 to 1317 Middle Road including Amy’s Circle and Stephanie Lane

7:00 Trinity Lane and Pushard Road

7:10 108 to 5 Indian Road

Bus #25

6:27 Leave Recycle Center, left at 544 Middle Rd then right at 723 Middle Rd then right on to Indian

Rd to 936 River Rd., then at Perkins Rd, then at Farm Rd, then 88 River Rd, then 51 River Rd.

Proceeds to intersection and left onto Patterson Rd. Stops at 351 Patterson Rd then proceeds to

Iron Bridge to reverse direction. Stops at 364 Patterson Road, then to Birch Court, then reverses

direction and stops at 219 Patterson Rd, then Perry Dr. Proceeds to intersection and turns right

onto Cedar Grove Rd (Rt. 128), stops at Blueberry Lane, stops at 720 Cedar Grove Rd, stops at

703 Cedar Grove Rd, then stops at Ludwig Rd, then 490 Cedar Grove Rd, then 376 Cedar Grove

Rd. Proceeds to Dresden ES

Bus #26

6:38 4 to 247 Calls Hill Road including Beech Hill Road

6:44 423 to 789 Calls Hill Road

6:50 Orchard Hill Road

6:53 366 to 185 Middle Road including Eagle Lodge Lane

6:56 562 to 800 Gardiner Road

6:58 Common Road, then Alexander and Lawrence Roads

7:05 6 to 43 Cedar Grove Road including Hillside Way

7:18 900 to 918 Gardiner Road (MS/HS only)


Transportation/Bus Routes: Dresden Bus Runs