Beginning tomorrow 11/24, all Monmouth students who attend grades 6 to 12 will receive remote only instruction.  This plan will continue through 12/4, with an anticipated return to the hybrid schedule on Monday 12/7/20.

MMS middle and MA high school students should log in to their regularly scheduled class groups.  Meanwhile, PreK to grade 5 MMS students (who are remote tomorrow and Monday based on the announcement last week) will begin the in-person hybrid schedule again on Tuesday 12/1.

At this time it is more important than ever that all parents, students and staff be diligent about the use of the daily health screening tool  ( every day.  If symptoms are noted, please stay home and isolate yourself from others.   Wearing masks, physical distancing and quarantining when necessary will help keep students in school for classroom-based instruction for as much time as possible.  

 It is imperative that the return to  return to school flow charts ( be used faithfully as well to prevent any spread from happening inside our schools.  Anyone identified as a CDC defined "close contact" of a positive case will be notified with directions about quarantine, testing, and how to verify the required criteria are met to return to school.

Take care, and enjoy socializing with family this Thanksgiving despite the need to do so physical distanced through phone, zoom, or google meets.