Dear KIDS RSU2 Families,

With each passing day, the RSU 2 staff is more hopeful that next fall we will be able to bring all students back to school five days a week. In planning for the future, we are taking stock of lessons learned. Most important, we have affirmed our knowledge that the quality and strength of our schools depends on the involvement and participation of our families and communities. Thank you for your help in making this the best possible year it could have been under the circumstances. You have been patient, informative, honest, and responsive. You have been partners with us. 

In that spirit of partnership, we invite you into a conversation we are having about increasing the number of early release Wednesdays in our normal school year. This year, the time on Wednesdays that was afforded to staff has provided time to

  •  Identify students who are falling behind, surround them with a network of support, and get   them back on track:
  • Work together to improve instruction and strengthen the entire learning community;
  • Study data and use it to inform instruction and learning plans; and
  •  Begin reshaping our curriculum to better meet our students’ needs.

These essential needs of an organization serving nearly 2000 learners have always been with us, but they have become critical in light of the COVID disruption and major changes we will see in the coming years, including a new state assessment and new state learning standards in many subjects.

When we resume a five-day week for students, we hope to continue frequent and regular collaborative time for staff by increasing the number of early release Wednesdays in our normal school calendar. We believe our families understand the value of collaborative time for their children’s educators. We also know that this value must be weighed against the potential strain it may place on families. 

To help us understand your family’s capacity to support an increase in early release Wednesdays, please complete this This quick, anonymous survey by noon on Friday, March 26.

We thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

The RSU 2 Admin Team