How does the school district develop the budget?

  • Throughout the year, Principals and Directors are having conversations with their staff and department leadership about the needs for the current and upcoming year.

  • Once the RSU receives the estimated state funding, the Superintendent and Business Manager meet with each Principal and Director about the projected funding, budget to actual in the current year and needs for the upcoming year.

  • Superintendent and Business manager initiate meetings with the town managers and other officials the town manager would like to include.

  • At the finance committee meetings each Principal and Director talk about the needs and budget issues.

  • The Business Manager reviews the budget and requests line by line to see what can be trimmed and adds the critical or contract driven additions.

  • A proposed budget in first draft form is presented to the finance committee with opportunity for public question and answer.

  • Finance committee reviews, provides feedback, and provides direction over a series of meetings.

  • Finance committee invites town officials for a review and dialogue.

  • Finance committee votes on budget to present to full board, then shares again with the entire Board in a special meeting where the full Board votes on the budget.

  • A public hearing on the budget for anyone in the RSU to ask questions is conducted before the referendum vote.

  • The order of the Board vote, public hearing and referendum vote are set by the Department of Education. 

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