We thank the hundreds of community members who shared their views, feelings, research and opinions.  After much deliberation last night at the Board meeting, a vote confirmed that RSU 2 will continue to follow CDC recommendations.  This means the following safety protocols are in place:

· Use of daily health screener, and staying home when sick

- Masks required on school transport

· Masks required indoors, with

o        increased mask breaks

o        increased outdoor learning experiences

· Three feet distancing used to the extent possible, but not to the extent it prohibits students from attending school.

The mask requirement applies whether or not a person is vaccinated.  At this time, the CDC believes this is necessary based on the rising number of variants that those vaccinated can still carry and spread to the unvaccinated.

We appreciate the mutual respect and support from and between those with varying views on these topics.  We are in this together, and appreciate the focus on moving forward caring for one another.

Thank you again.