Here are some calendar reminders with added details:

November 2, Election Day, learning plans by school:

     DES -  in person

     MBES - in person

     RMHS - in person

     MMS - in person

     HDES - remote learning day

     HDMHS - remote learning day

     MA - remote learning day

    Neither Richmond nor Dresden town offices decided to use the school gym for voting. 

    Farmingdale, Hallowell and Monmouth do need to use a school gym on Nov 2nd.

November 6/7.  Daylight Saving - Clocks fall back after midnight on Saturday.

November 11 and 12.  No school for students on Thurs/Fri 

Just a reminder that this is the time of year that parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled, and are available virtually for the convenience of our families.  Nov 12 is a comp day for teachers for the time these evening conference take.

November 24, 25, or 26.  No school for students for  the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We hope our families enjoy the long four day Veteran’s Day weekend together in honor of those who serve, or have served, our country and a weekend of gratitude at Thanksgiving!

Have a safe Halloween weekend.