HDES Remote only Monday 11-2-20

HDES will be remote learning only on Monday 11/2as well as the 11/3 and 11/4 pre-planned district remote learning days on our RSU 2 calendar.

We created a contact tracing list, and prepared to make calls when the CDC gives us the green light to do so.   As of today (11-3-20) we have CDC's blessing to return to hybrid learning on Thursday 11-5-20.

If you are contacted by the CDC because your child is deemed a close contact related to a case at a business or other organization, please make sure CDC knows which school your child attends and use testing as advised.  Please immediately call the school nurse if there is a positive result or symptoms appear in such cases.

Please use the daily health screenings diligently, and quarantine with symptoms.  

Anyone with questions about their own particular circumstances, can call 211 for guidance. 

Also note that Governor Mills reduced the indoor gathering limit back down to 50.  In addition, travel to/from NY, NJ or CT is not longer exempt so now quarantine/testing are required for those states.

Take care.