There are three new COVID cases in Richmond. Close contacts will be notified today.

There will be no AM or PM bus runs Nov 8 through Nov 16.  Any students not in quarantine who can get rides to and from school are welcome to attend in person.

We will be able to provide a bus to take the AM Pre-K students from school to home, but parents will need to bring their AM Pre-K student to school.  We can also pick up the PM Pre-K students from home mid day, but parents will need to pick up their PM Pre-K student at the end of the day.

Any Marcia Buker student who can not get a ride to school, should log in with their family to their Seesaw or Google Classroom account to find the  learning activities.  Elementary teachers will be in touch with those families.

Middle and High School students who can not get a ride to and from school for in-person learning should log in to their classes at the regularly scheduled time.

CATC bus to/from RHS will run. 

Any family who wants to pick up breakfast and lunch meals for their student while at home, please contact Kathy Lord.

Please watch for symptoms. Use daily health screener (, and stay home when sick. When can sick students return? case