Dear RSU 2 families,

I know everything looks a lot different this year, and School Nutrition is no exception. 
I am asking that if you will need meals on remote days, please contact your Students School Nutrition Department and pre-order meals.  This will be a standing order for the month of September.  I have included their email addresses/phone numbers, so when you call or email, please include your name, your Students name, grade and who will be picking up those meals.  We will have them ready for you on the designated evenings.  Parent/Guardians or Student must be the one to pick up. This is a Federal Law.  If you can’t make it for any number of reasons, your student can come with someone else to pick up, however we MUST see the Student in order to give the meal, unless the Parent/Guardian picks up. 

Please make sure to sign up if you will be accessing those meals. We will not have extra on site!  

*This is for enrolled students who are remotely learning only.  This does not pertain to siblings (not enrolled) or homeschoolers.  I know in the spring we were able to give out meals for anyone 18 or younger, however, this is not the case this fall. 

If your Student is in group 1 (attending in person on Monday/Tuesday): You may come by the school from 6:00-6:30 PM on Tuesday evening for meals from Wednesday- Friday.

If your Student is in Group 2 (attending in person on Thursday/Friday): You may come by the school from 6:00-6:30 on Friday evenings for meals from Monday-Wednesday. 

It will be a drive up service. School Nutrition Staff will ask the name of the Student, and who you are in reference to the student.  My staff will check off the students name, place the order on a table and back away.  Once the staff has backed away, you may get out of your vehicle, take the bag from the table and leave. 

Meals will be charged according to eligibility status. Free/Reduced eligibility will be no charge, Full Pay eligibility will be charged as follows:
Elementary Schools-Breakfast $1.20 and Lunch $2.75
Middle/High School-Breakfast $1.50 and Lunch $3.00

I encourage all to use  to add money on to your student’s account. This will help with no contact for safety reasons for the Student and Staff.  We will NOT accept any money on site during these pickups.  You can send your money in with your student on the days they are at school. 

Free/Reduced applications can be found on our website:  in the food service tab, or you can fill out an on-line application at which is very confidential and safe.

Pick up locations for meals will be at each school near or at the Kitchen door. 
If you have children in multiple schools, you will need to pick up at multiple schools for accountability reasons. I am sorry for any inconvenience. 
Hall-Dale Elementary School: or 207-623-8677 ext. 506
Hall-Dale Middle/High School: or 207-622-6211 ext. 208
Richmond Middle/High School: or 207-737-4348 ext. 2014 or 2049
Marcia Buker Elementary School: or 207-737-4348 ext. 2014 or 2049
Monmouth Memorial School: or 207-933-9002 ext. 7236
Monmouth Academy: or or 207-933-9001 ext. 7209
Dresden Elementary School: or 207-737-2559 ext. 3117

As always, if you have any questions, please contact:
Chrissy Michaud
Food Service Director
207-622-6351 ext. 498