6-17 RSU 2 Meal Site Schedule and FAQs

PDF April 6-17 RSU 2 Meal Site Schedule and FAQs


Following the most recent waiver by the USDA and Governor Mills' March 31 Executive Order, RSU 2 has revised its meal site schedule to enhance safety while continuing to provide children with breakfast and lunch meal provisions 7 days per week. Changes include

  • More meals per pickup; fewer trips to sites: See calendar for details.
  • Extended pick-up Hours on site days: 10:30-12:30 at each location
  • School-based locations for Hall-Dale area: Two Hall-Dale sites will open, one at the elementary school and one at the middle/high School. The Farmingdale parking lot site will be closed after Monday, April 6.

Meal Site FAQs

Q. Is an application required to receive meals?
A. No. Any child 18 and younger who needs meals may receive them.

Q. Who is allowed to pick up meals for children if the children cannot get to a meal site?
A. A parent or guardian should go to a meal site to pick up the food. Children may accompany the parent but are not required to.

Q.  What if a parent or guardian is not able to get to a site during the time it is open?
A.  Another responsible person may pick up the meals for the children; a note from the parent/guardian is appreciated.

Q.  What information does the parent/guardian need to bring?
A.  Parents/guardians will be asked how many children meals are needed for.

Q.  What safety measures are in place during meal pickup at the sites?
A.  We are using a drive-up approach, Drivers are asked to remain in vehicles and will tell the staff how many children meals are needed for. The staff will place the number of meals asked for on a table and step back. The driver will then get out of the vehicle and retrieve the meals.

 Q.  May a parent or child walk to a meal site?
A.  Yes. For safety reasons, we do encourage driving up to a site, but staff will gladly direct and serve those walking to a site.

PDF April 6-17 RSU 2 Meal Site Schedule and FAQs