Gratitude & Celebration

On this Valentine’s Day morning as I prepare to connect safely with family and friends to share appreciation and love, I am also reflecting on how fortunate we are in RSU 2 to have such a dedicated and caring staff.

The welcome feeling I have personally felt in each school this year is created by every smiling face there to support our students and one another.  Every driver, secretary, nutrition staff, custodian, ed tech, teacher, substitute, nurse, counselor, specialist, technology support, coach, advisor, liaison, administrator and director contribute to that positive collective feeling.  Each ripple is critical to the overall affect.  Our students and families contribute as well.  Greeting students and families in the morning, we see smiles and polite hellos with well wishes for a good day.  In classrooms students are engaged in learning, smiling and happy.  Thank you all for your positive energy.

The following RSU 2 Teachers were nominated for teacher of the year this year.  Nominations come from a variety of colleagues, families and students:

DES:  Roberta Hart, Jennifer Orth

HDES:  Stephanie Barker, Susan Cody, Stephen Howe, Karen Jones, Tricia Jamison, Victoria Leet, Emily Nelson

HDMHS:  Connor Dumont, Jennifer Sculli

MMS:  Dustin Haskell, Seth Mitchell, Marie Roy, Angela Roy, Alisha Springer

RMHS:  Virgil Bozeman, Kerstin Kenney

Please congratulate those bestowed this honor through the formal process, and continue your daily efforts to spread the love to every member of our team.  I hope you seize the day with gratitude, and recharge during this vacation week.