Election Day is tomorrow 11-3-2.  

We planned ahead as an RSU in anticipation for towns needing to use our facilities for voting in order to help them meet the physical distancing requirements.

Our Board approved making election day a remote only learning day to ensure safety and security for our staff and students, as well as voters and town officials.   We approved every request we received from towns to use a school gym as a polling place.  

After approving the request, the town of Richmond decided not to use our facility.  In the other towns, despite the recent challenges of contact tracing, the buildings towns will be using for polling  have been sanitized in preparation for tomorrow.  Those buildings will be sanitized thoroughly again after the election to prepare for school use on Thursday.

It does not matter what your political views may be.  What matters is that each voice feel respected, and safely exercise the opportunity to participate in the voting process.  

We took specific steps to partner with our towns in order to make their jobs as easy as we could this year.  May your voice be counted.